Simple Delicious Detox Program To

Restore Your Divine Health

Do you long for food that would please your taste buds, make you feel satisfied, and provide you with loads of nutrients?

Have you repeatedly failed at dieting, resulting in a yo-yo effect?

As someone who at one point weighed nearly 300 pounds, I know the feeling. Having escaped the vicious circle of poor eating habits, I decided to share the knowledge and reflections I was blessed with during my own journey as part of this detox program.

If you reached the point in life when you feel tired of dieting and are ready to make a dramatic shift, you’re in the right place.

Get inspired. Recalibrate. Find joy in eating food again.

3-Day Reboot Is Here To Help You

Find Your Way Back To Divine Health

The program offers you a set of simple delicious recipes that support the body’s natural ability to cleanse and remove dangerous toxins from your system.

You’ll be able to get fast relief, more energy and balance between your body and mind in the long run.

Unlike many diets, the program does not limit your food intake but enables you to eat as normal which increases the likelihood of successful completion.

Considering that it lasts only three days, it is easier to commit to and you can repeat it on a regular basis.


 Menu Item #1: Divinity Soup, loaded with vibrant collard greens

 Menu Item #2: Fresh fruit and raw vegetables

 Menu Item #3: Herbal teas

 Menu Item #4: Refreshing alkaline waters


Dieting is a challenge but I’ve got you covered!

The program comes with practical tools to keep you on the right track:

  • Progress trackers - rate the current state of your mind, body and health before and after the program and progress chart with interpretation of each final score
  • Shopping list - ensure you have all you need with a simple check-box system
  • Meal prep guide - see the kitchen equipment you need to get going
  • Daily meal planner - prompts to help you nourish the both body and mind
  • Recipes overview

Success Secret #1:

Reward Progress

Transformation and motivation go hand in hand. Therefore, I have some surprises lined up for those who purchase and complete the 3-Day Reboot program. Stay tuned!

Success Secret #2: Community Group

Good news! There is a group of people already familiar with the program who you can learn from or ask questions of through an online community on our private Facebook page!

Success Secret #3:

Coaching Support

Divine Life Strategist and Health Coach, Sheila Brown will be there to guide you along the way with supportive communications via email and text if you like to engage!


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